Basement Renovations


Want to change your drab, dreary basement into a beautiful, usable and love-able space?


Tired of chasing after someone to get the job done?

Fox Pro Construction prides itself on improving the experience that you have in your home through basement renovations, which could be as

extensive as basement finishing or putting in a basement suite.

With over 20 years combined knowledge in the home construction industry, Fox Pro Construction will take your basement from drab to fab, while taking into consideration your unique needs. Let’s start with a simple question – what do you want to do?

Basement Finishing


Why would I finish my basement?

One of the top reasons to finish your basement is to add value to your home, in addition to gaining more living space.

What does finishing a basement mean for me?

As a homeowner, it means the world. All you have to do is pick a contractor and we let you relax the rest of the way through. We help with research, getting the right permit(s) and hammering out (pardon the pun) what work you’d like to have completed. Having a design in mind is helpful and once we see your space, we can make suggestions based on our experience in the industry. 

Basement Renovations


Why would I renovate my basement?

It’s time for a change. The 70s wood panelling doesn’t jive. A play area for the kids to play would be nice. Your teenager needs to move downstairs. A man cave is the finishing touch on your home. Whatever your why, Fox Pro Construction won’t leave you stranded in the endless possibilities, guiding you to a renovated basement that will reflect you.

What does renovating my basement mean for me?

Renovating is like painting over a canvas that already has a finished product on it. Renovating takes the same steps as finishing a basement, except there’s a little more fun on our end: demolition.

Basement Suites


Why would I build a basement suite?

Basement suites are built for a variety of reasons. At Fox Pro, we understand that your reason for building a basement suite may mean that you’re looking to rent or that your aging in-laws are moving in for some additional support. Tell us your why and we will ensure that your design has the appropriate features to enhance the experience in your basement suite.

What does building a basement suite mean?

In Edmonton, this is called a Secondary Suite. Building a basement suite means that your basement will become a private, separate unit in your home. A basement suite needs to stand on its own when it comes to certain key features. These features are the bedroom(s), bathroom, kitchen and living area.

Now that you know a bit more about the differences between finishing and renovating your basement and adding a basement suite, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to start making your design a reality!