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We are a company with a wealth of knowledge in the home construction industry. With over 20 years of combined knowledge, we bring insight and creative techniques to help save money on your project while maintaining your dream. We as a company are excited and thrilled to bring some of the lowest prices in the industry along with quality high end work.
We are committed to making our customers happy.

Conrad JonesOwner

Conrad is a graduate of NAIT in the construction technology field. He has estimated well over 600 homes and has done thousands of custom pricing requests for customers. He has a strong sense of how to adjust a project to fit the affordability requirements of a customer while still giving them a quality product. In addition to Conrad’s knowledge on cost, he is educated in Site management and Scheduling and takes great pride in providing time effective projects

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Basement Renovations

Basement Renovations

Fox Pro Construction prides itself on improving the experience that you have in your home through basement renovations, which could be as extensive as basement finishing or putting in a basement suite.

With over 10+ years combined knowledge in the home construction industry, Fox Pro Construction will take your basement from drab to fab, while taking into consideration your unique needs. Let’s start with a simple question – what do you want to do?

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Home Remodelling

Edmonton Home Remodelling

Fox Pro Construction is team of contractors located in Edmonton and when you’re ready to invest in a home remodel, we’re ready to help you out!

However, we understand that there’s a lot of information out there about this type of investment: the return on investment (ROI), the quality, the finishes and all of the other small details to accommodate your needs, whether or not you need the bells and whistles (more on that later).

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New Home Building

Found a lot you love and want to build on it? Let us design and build a cost effective and beautiful home that meets yours specific needs.

There are many benefits to buying new property; from being able to make personalized choices, to having a fabulous, unused space and features that you can settle into with the knowledge that maintenance and home repairs will not be part of an ongoing budget.

New homes in Edmonton are up to date with the latest building codes, practices and standards, and usually incorporate energy efficient designs and materials. Many developments in Edmonton are still growing, while some are well established with pockets of new builds in surrounding subdivisions.

Design Services

Quality Designs


We work meticulously to not only design your home but to educate our clients. It’s our duty to ensure our clients have all of the information they need to complete the design and construct their dream home. This is our differentiator; the dedication to the entire project, not just to our section of the work.

Create your dream home and work with our award winning designer to create something specific for your own needs. Make your dreams come true with
Fox Pro Construction.

Fox Pro Construction was amazing to deal with! My wife and I would highly recommend this company. They excelled in prompt feedback, work estimation, and time frame allowances. With past experience, other companies were not good with communication, but I would like to say that is the strongest feature about their company…

Greg and Conrad worked around our schedule and communicated any delays. They worked with us when we wanted to change something, and were very diligent to ensure any issues were addressed and corrected. A very important thing for us is that we could trust them…

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